Agium EPM becomes a OneStream Software Authorized Training Provider

Amsterdam 24th December – Agium EPM and OneStream have taken part in a strong partnership since 2013. During this time we have worked together to provide successful CPM solutions in the Benelux, Ireland and UK. We are pleased to announce that we are now officially an OneStream Authorized Training Provider. Now we can host our own OneStream Application Build for Administrators (ABA) training courses on behalf of OneStream. This will enable us to extend OneStream’s training footprint to the Netherlands to provide more flexibility for all OneStream customers!

Pascal Walk, Managing Partner Agium EPM had this to say: ‘Being a OneStream Authorized Training Partner enables us to serve OneStream customers in the most efficient and effective way. This also helps us to round out our service offering and take the next step to ensure every customer is a reference.’

Jason Call, Principal EPM Consultant Agium EPM, finished his first training in Manchester under the eyes of OneStream’s Software Trainer Matt Kerslake on the 20th of December. The first Agium EPM-hosted training Application Build for Administators takes place March 30th - 2nd April in Schiphol.

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