On 28th of September during Splash 2.0 Agium will present - together with Eurofit - how to optimize the management of Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) using the OneStream CPM platform.The efficient and profitable use of capital is an important success factor for each organization.

It is essential to support the organizations need for accurate insights and collaboration on the budgeting, forecasting and utilization of the complete CAPEX management process.
During this presentation, Jos Brouwer (Principal EPM Consultant at Agium) and Bruno Pottie (Consolidator at Eurofit) will present OneStream’s Capex Specialty Planning App, and how it was used at Eurofit to forecast Capex commitments, cash flow and depreciation.

Not only the forecast was handled, but also the follow up with actual invoices for budgeted items. The model is used in a distributed way to allow managers to request budget and report actuals as part of their own workflow.

If you will be visiting Splash in London please join our session and find out more, otherwise please contact us for more information via Pascal van Bergeijk by phone at +31(6) 430 471 21 or by e-mail p.vanbergeijk@agium-epm.com.

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