EPM, the remedy for companies' growing pains

Our intern Nick interviewed Jeroen Reuser for his thesis, he is the Director External Reporting & Financial Control van Eurofiber and since 2016 a customer of Agium EPM. Their organization became too large to perform all financial reports with Excel. In an extensive session with the IT department, Agium EPM helped them to bring in all the necessary knowledge about OneStream. Nowadays they are users of OneStream consolidation and the OneStream Lease Accounting solution we have developed.

About Eurofiber

Eurofiber is a fast-growing international provider of industry-leading digital infrastructure since 2000. They connect more than 2,000 new locations per year to their network in Europe. Eurofiber’s smart, open, digital infrastructure has built the foundation for the digitalization of society.

How did you discover that you could optimize?

Actually in our day to day business. We encountered very plain practical problems in which figures do not add up and errors are signalled in the reports. I was aware that there is tooling like EPM to solve this. We just had to wait for the right timing to realise this.

What was the main reason to change from consolidation in Excel to an EPM solution?

We got too big for Excel. We did regular acquisitions and consolidating and reporting in a structured way became too complex and error prone in Excel. We didn’t only want to consolidate financials, we also wanted to consolidate and report KPI’s. And this has to be done consistently, with Excel, you see that everyone is tweaking, with different lay-out for example people give it their own twist. With OneStream we consolidate very structured within the group and that works very well.

How did Agium EPM create the trust within Eurofiber that OneStream is able to solve these problems?

We had sessions with Agium EPM and our IT-department. These were very effective sessions in which we discussed all our questions and uncertainties. In addition , Agium EPM helped us to get a clear overview of what OneStream entails and how it contributes by optimizing our current processes.

How did you experience the implementation process?

The cooperation was very strong, we had good substantive discussions about how everything had to be implemented. The actual understanding of all our wishes and needs by the consultants of Agium EPM has been very important in our process. This helped to ensure that the implementation will be successfully completed.

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