People ask us why we often advise to use OneStream XF. Of course we can explain this to you. However, it is nice to hear it from someone else - users - this time.

Gartner lets you benefit from the lessons learned by your peers in more than 180 software categories. Their results entail verified reviews. The reviews are seperated in two categories: Product Capabilities and Customer Experience.

Overall Peer Rating (0-5):

  1. OneStream XF: 4,9

  2. CCH Tagetik CPM: 4,3

  3. Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service: 3,5


'Implementation was easy, but some promised enhancements took longer to rollout': critical OneStream XF 3 star-review.

'Complex Solution to Ease Financial and Operational Management': positive CCH Tagetik CPM 4 star-review.

Curious about the full comparison? Find it here.


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