OneStream 6.0 release update

This week OneStream released its update to OneStream 6.0. The last update was the named 5.3, so we expected some significant changes. We have dug into the release notes and performed some real upgrades. We found updates on 3 different fields.

Improved convenience in BI Analytics

Many smaller updates concerning BI Analytics improve data visualization and the convenience for end users to prepare and analyze data. Download our detailed Release Review below for the details.

Marketplace development

Much work has been done on the OneStream XF Marketplace. Three important functionalities have been made available. The Transaction Matching capability has been added, a much asked for functionality. More on this in our detailed release review. Also, the Predictive Analytics 123 is now available, it enhances the generation of baseline data for a forecast, by analyzing seasonality and year-on-year trends in historic data, and gives flexibility on the smoothing of data from a variety of out-of-the-box smoothing methods. Then, the Marketplace Solutions Tools are live, which enables partners to align coding and design standards for the XF Marketplace. A solution copy tool enables multiple instances of a Marketplace solution to coexist in a single OneStream application.

New features to conquer new markets

OneStream has added a variety of functionalities that are very relevant for new markets. This really shows OneStream’s drive for expansion of their user audience. For example, Consolidation Dimension Security is a feature that tends to be a popular request in Eastern Europe.

3 compatibility changes

Everyone using OneStream should keep an eye on the compatibility changes. When planning the IT landscape, this could be one of those decisive factors.

  • OneStream will not support the Silverlight-based web browser interface beyond 2021. It means that there will be no Web access to the app via Internet Explorer. We advise people to use the OneStream client app to avoid problems with browser compatibility.
  • OneStream XF version 5.3 was the last version to support the Windows 7 operating system.
  • The Application Basic videos, previously only available on OneStream Academy, have been added to the Reference Materials.

Talking release can become quite technical. Therefore, we decided to join the details in a comprehensive document for you to download.
Download our detailed release review 

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