The eagle has landed, and he is called OneStream XF 5.2.0

As the last release of OneStream entailed mostly functional enhancements. This time, OneStream 5.2 represents a major release. At Splash we heard many times ‘this is going to be in the new release’. And all OneStream architects were invited to join OneStream in Rochester weeks ago to show the change that is going to come, so our Jos Brouwer and Mathijs van der Vlis went.

This – very technical – meeting took 2 full days and enabled architects to explore the new features in detail. Their lecturers were Tom Shea, Bob Powers, Peter Fugere and Drew Shea. To show you how fast the OneStream platform is developing and is delivering on their vision - to be a unified, extensible CPM system software platform - we will share with you the key takeaways on release 5.2.

1. BI Blend Engine

The BI Blend Engine will empower you to play around with the data within OneStream. Overnight data is load from the central OneStream engine to the BI Blend where you can mix relational and multidimensional approach to make dashboards. That brings us to the next takeaway.

2. Drag & Drop Dashboarding

Yes, to make those dashboards you don’t have to dive into coding structures with components and data adapters. You can put dashboards together with drag and drop. This way anyone can make a dashboard and experiment with what kind of table, graph or chart visualizes your results best – without having to implement other software.

3. Handling of large volumes of data instantaneously

An important development that is needed to enable new functionalities is that the system can handle large volumes of (sparsely populated) data. This version will bridge financial data with more operational data. In version 5.2 the data is handled in a way that queries will return results instantaneously.

Get ready for the future together with OneStream

OneStream is developing the platform fast, so you are given the tools and time to analyze your data thoroughly form one single truth and you are able to respond timely to a changing environment. OneStream is getting ready for the financial management of the future. Are you too?

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