The theme of this release is to further enhance the Financial Model, Consolidation and Calculation Status performance improvements, significant extension to Cube View formatting capabilities, advanced Chart types, Dashboard performance improvements, refined calculation capabilities as executed within Forms as well as improvements to Cube View Spreading.

Below are some of the new or improved features in version 4.1.0:

  •  Cubes can now perform weekly processing.
  •  Added 14 new Scenario Types: Administration, Control, LongTerm, Operational, Sustainability, Target and ScenarioType1-8. OneStream now has 24 Scenario Types.
  • The Input Frequency Scenario property now varies by year in order to allow data entry at different frequencies. A Weekly option was also added to this property in order to enter data by week for a specific Scenario.
  • Added a Custom Start Dates option to the Fiscal Year Month Type property under Application|Time Profiles. This allows users to customize the start day of each month.

4.2.0 review


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